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"lol. If you wanna take over feel free"


Be-Music West was a BMS event that tried to incentivize the western side of the BMS community, both players and artists. It was hosted 4 years ago, in 2016, by Dolphin and Agka.

(It was, and is, however, not closed off to the eastern community;

anyone regardless of who they are is welcome to

partake in this event)

With 17 submissions that ended up garnering a total of 198 impressions, it can be said that the event was fairly successful given how small the

community was back then.

But in spite of that, 

plans to host it again ended up not amounting to anything.

After 4 years of absence,

shall we pick up from where we left off?

(This year's edition is brought to you by AYhaz for the organization and scytheleg for the venue)

Schedule and Rules
(all dates are 00:00 / 12PM GMT)

January 9, 2020 - January 16, 2020

BMS Registration

This is when artists can submit their BMS to the venue.

*Your BMS must adhere to the standards of BRS ver.002.

*Your BMS can be a remix, an arrange or an original.
*You may use an alias.

*You BMS can be a solo work or a collaboration.

January 16, 2020 - January 30, 2020

Impression period

This is when players can rate and submit their thoughts on the BMS they played.

*You may not submit impressions on BMSes that you have not played. Watching an autoplay or listening to the song on streaming services is insufficient.

*You may only send one impression and one Like per BMS.

*You may not submit an impression and Like on your own BMS.

*You may not submit an impression and Like on your own BMS.
*You may rate BMSes from 0 to 100. You may also submit scoreless impressions by checking the "Comment mode" box.
*You may not edit impressions after sending them. If you made a mistake, please rely on us to correct it. Contact informations are below.


Q. What is "BMS"?

A. BMS is a format that allows you to simulate gameplay similar to beatmania, beatmania IIDX and pop'n music. Like these games, the BMS files come with keysounds that are played when you hit the corresponding notes in whichever BMS player you are using. The most popular BMS player for now is Lunatic Rave 2.

Alternatively, you may watch this video for a more thorough explanation.

Q. I am an artist and would like to partake in this event, but I have no idea how

to get started.

A. For the process of converting your song into a BMS, please watch this tutorial. If you need further/human help, you are welcome to join BMS Community on Discord and request assistance there.

Q. I might be short on time when it comes to the registration period. What is the best course of action to take then?

A. If you find yourself in that situation, we still recommend you to submit your BMS if it manages to meet the minimum requirements stated above. Then, you can append additional content to it, like charts and visuals, and update your entry with said content. Be warned that if you find yourself doing so after the event package has been compiled, your changes will not be included and you will therefore need to state the changes you've made in your entry's description so that people know not to base their impressions on an outdated version of your BMS.

Q. I don't want to download submissions one by one...

A. many people. Which is why we will prepare a package that regroups every submission shortly after the registration period ends.

Q. My question does not figure in this Q&A/I would like to get in touch.

A. In that case, please reach us at @BeMusicWest on Twitter (either tweet or DM is fine), or send a mail to and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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